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Leaflet G16 - 1942
Leaflet G16 - 1942
Picture. Front and back of an allied leaflet dropped over Germany in 1942.
In an impressive way, without the use of any words, the Germans are
being told about the fate of soldiers longing for an Iron Cross.

What is propaganda?

How was it used?

What types of propaganda do we know?

Many of these questions are answered in literature.
From the menu on the right you can switch to several of these sources.

Some sources are in English. Others in German or Dutch.

When reading the texts, please always keep in mind when they were written. The year of publication is always given.
Some books date from ww2 period or shortly after. But all of them (+ the books from my literature list), are worth reading. Many are still available from special sources like "Abebooks" that have many thousands of them in stock "second hand / antiquarian".

If you are unable to read some of these sources, you can copy and paste the texts in a free online translator. The resulting translations are sometimes not perfect, but will still give you a good understanding of what is written.

Example online translaters (opening in a new window) can be found at:

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