Short introduction to leaflet collecting

I'm a historically interested collector of propaganda leaflets from the second World War. All combatants in that war used propaganda as one of the means to fight the enemy.
It is still believed to be an effective combat method. You can know that because it's still used in nearly all fights going on in this world; E.g.: remember the news-videopictures of "flying" pieces of paper in the Iraqi desert!?

What is the aim of this page.

I hope to get in contact with other collectors (and also historians) from all over the world. My first aim is to get to know as much as possible about dropping places/dates, means of dropping, and unknown variants of leaflets not yet described in the scarce literature. Further I want to enlarge my own collection of course. With this new information I build a CDR with leaflet pictures and information. You can find more information here!

So I urge any person who has leaflets in his possession, or has background knowledge available, to contact me by E-mail. Also mail me if you know of any good Internet site to put on my links page. If any mentioned site should be out of date: Let me know!

I will try to make my page an information point where everybody can come and read about this hobby. I will update my pages as often as I find time for it.


Should you have any leaflets you want to ask me about, try to describe them in the following way:

-Mention the language it is written in.
-Look for a codenumber on the leaflet. Many (not all) leaflets have one in a (bottom) corner.
-Give me the headlines of the obverse and reverse.
-Size in mm can be important.
-Of course a scan in jpg format would also help. But give me the above information first, and I will let you know if sending a scan is necessary.

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