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Obituary : John Burridge

Portret of John Burridge as a young man
Picture. Portet of John Burridge as a young man.
A special last salute to:

John Burridge!

His daughter Janet did send me the sad message that John had died on August 18th 2004!

I am glad I was just in time with bringing these pages online! Shortly before John's dead, Janet wrote to me about my pages:

Everyone is quite impressed. I printed off about 40 pages for my Dad to look at and have read him some of it. I also called one of his buddies from the war - one of the men in the picture with Dad and two others - and told him about it.

A few days later she had to write:

Dear Hans,

I just wanted to let you know that Dad passed away. I am just so glad he was able to see your website. In fact, it was mentioned in his memorial service and I printed the address of the website in the memorial bulletin. So many people are looking at it and then passing on the site address to others they feel might be interested.
Everyone just can't believe how lucky it was that we connected. That you got the leaflets and we got the honor of the website.

Janet did send me his memorial bulletin.

So my final task is to place those pages here for this fine man!
Picture. Prayer from the memorial service.

Memorial service
Picture. Memorial service description.

Portret of John Burridge in his later years
Picture. Portret of John Burridge in his later years.

Portret of John and his wife
Picture. Portret of John and his wife. He was married right after the war and had
4 children (and 9 grandchildren). His wife died in February 2004.
They had been married for 58 years.

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