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August 25, 2005
The second 'work' online.
Written by 16 year old Kelly Moulds from Australia. Thank you Kelly!
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The Role of Propaganda in Germany’s War Efforts

Assignment by Kelly Moulds
Year 10 of Advanced SOSE (Study of Society and the Environment)

Propaganda played a huge role in Germany’s war efforts between 1933 and 1945. From the beginning of the war in 1939, the Reich Propaganda Office (Reichspropagandaleitung) played a big part in distributing leaflets, posters and other medium, not just to Germany, but to enemy countries as well. Though of course Germany was not the only country using propaganda at the time. The purposes of Germany’s propaganda were mainly to guide the thinking of people towards Nazi goals, and to keep the majority of German people oblivious to what was really happening in their country.

The Reichspropagandaleitung was responsible for the propaganda of the National Socialist German labour party (NSDAP or Nazi Party) and its subsidiaries and affiliated organisations. For example, in a report published in the monthly newspapers, printed for active Nazi party propagandists, is a balance sheet on Nazi propaganda after the first year of the war. It provides a wide range of statistics on propaganda activity. It states that the Reichspropagandaleitung produced more than 2 million brochures and 7 million posters, giving a total of more than 60 million newspapers, wall posters, leaflets, etc. produced and distributed in just the first year of the War. The great expanse of this propaganda meant that any German citizen could reach it, and it was so convincingly written that almost the whole of Germany began believing it all and siding with Adolf Hitler and the rest of the Nazis. As the war progressed Germans were subjected to huge amounts of radio propaganda, and as listening to anything other than German radio was punishable by death, the German people had a very biased view of the war forced on them.

After World War I, Germany suffered badly as a country at the hands of the Treaty of Versailles, and Adolf Hitler – as well as many other Germans – wanted someone to blame. Hitler had always had a strong sense of hatred towards the Jews and therefore palmed the blame onto them and other minority groups such as the communists. The World War II Nazi propaganda helped to ignite and fuel these feelings and accusations in the minds of other Germans. By hiding the truth about Germany’s failing war effort, the propaganda was also used to justify what was happening to Germany, and so, prolonged the struggle.

If it had not been for the expanse of the various forms of propaganda used by Germany in the War, it is possible that it would not have gone on for so long. Without the constant, prolonged exposure to biased positive views on the war, the people could have lost hope, and given in much sooner than they did. There might even have been more popular support for the plots against Hitler, and the War might have ended well before it finally did in 1945. Hitler told the Germans in his radio speeches about ‘wonder weapons’ that would win the war for them, but they turned out to be figments of Hitler’s imagination.

Germany and its enemy forces all used some form of propaganda, and if it wasn’t for the use of these, the war may have had a less destructive turnout and a totally different ending.



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