Translation of Russian language leaflets.

I'm always in search for air-dropped or shelled propaganda leaflets of the second world war.

In my collection are several Russian language leaflets of which I don't have a correct translation. Again, like with the Japanese language leaflets, some words are known to me, but I mostly miss the correct context.
Here, a few of those leaflets are shown. Please give the scans some time to load to the sharpest possible! If anyone could give me a correct and complete translation, that would be of great help!
I realize that, from my scans, it can be difficult to translate! Due to limitation in space for my homepage, all scans are reduced in size and quality! If you are interested in helping me, I could e-mail / mail you a better scan / copy.
All info is welcome!
Last pictures added 20 april 1997!
Translations can be mailed to my mailbox.

German leaflet to Russia / Bear-Leaflet rus1a-
German leaflet to Russia / Bear-Leaflet rus1b-

German leaflet to Russia-Leaflet rus2a-
German leaflet to Russia-Leaflet rus2b-

German leaflet to Russia-Leaflet rus3-

German leaflet to Russia-Leaflet rus4-

German leaflet to Russia-Leaflet rus5-

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Propaganda leaflets of the second World War

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