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New links to (not specific propaganda related) important documents. You are linked to a downloadsite were you can, as a 'free user' download the documents.
Every link is preceded by a small part of text taken from the document.


    Example text fragments:

    This Operational Plan consists of : The Operations Plan and the following Annexes:
    No. 1 G-2 Estimate of the Situation
    No. 2 Organization of Assaults and Follow-up Forces
    No. 3 G-l Plan
    No. 4 Intelligence Plan
    No. 5 G-4 Plan
    No, 6 Medical Plan
    No* 7 Quartermaster Plan
    No, 8 Ordnance Plan
    No. 9 Engineer Plan
    No.10 Chemical Warfare Plan
    No.11 Engineer Special Brigade, Group Plan M
    No.12 Pre-arranged Fire Support Plan
    No.13 Air Plan (to be issued later)
    No.14 Signal Plan
    No.15 Antiaircraft Plan (to be issued later)
    No.16 Corps Artillery Plan (ashore)
    No.17 Traffic Control

    It is estimated that north of the line CARENTAN-CARTERET, there are approximately 32,000 German Naval, Marine and military personnel., plus approximately 10,000 Todt organization workmen. Based on optimum success in the operation, the capture of CHERBOURG and the maneuver of cutting the neck would net from 25,000 to 30,000 prisoners, who will probably be taken at the rate of 1,200 per day for the first week with a round-up of the remaining 16,600 to 21,600 when CHERBOURG falls.

    Collection and-disposition of personal, effects found on the body of deceased soldier. Effects will be placed in "Personal Effects Bag" with name, rank, serial number and the word "deceased" clearly indicated on the bag. Money will be separated from effects, a hand receipt placed with the effects, and the funds tumod over to the nearest Finance Officer together with full particulars including deceased's name, rank, serial number, and nationality.

    a. The V Corps, consisting of the 1st, 28th and 29th Infantry Divisions, with the 2nd and 5th Ranger Battalions and other forces attached, will assault Beach "OMAHA", reduce enemy resistance, secure VIERVILLE-SUR-MER — COLLEVILIE-SUR-MER beachhead and advance southward towards ST. LO to cover the landing of other troops and supplies of the First United States Army, The rate of advance will be in conformity with the advance of the Second British Army and instructions issued by Headquarters, V COrps, at the time............
    ....Rangers. The 2nd and 5th Ranger Battalions are attached to 1st Division. They will Destroy defense batteries at POINT-DU-HOC by simultaneous direct assault up the Cliffs between POINT-DU-HOC and POINT de la PERCEE and by flanking action from Beach "OMAHA". They will then, assisted by elements of the Assault force, capture enemy batteries at GRANDCAMP and MAISY. Thereafter to operate against enemy positions along the coast between GRANDCAMP and ISIGNY....

    The enemy
    709th Infantry Division, covering the CHERBOURG Peninsula
    (1) Defensive division, composed of three infantry regiments, and two or three battalions of light artillery.
    (2) Two regiments have a high proportion of non-Gemans, and the third, with the exception of the officers,and non-coms, is, composed of Georgians.
    (3) Quality of troops believed to be low; the Georgian troops are most certainly of low quality. The morale of the German element has frequently been reported to be low.

    Other hitwords in the document: Neptune, Bigot, Overlord, SS Hitler Jugend, V CORPS, BEACH OMAHA - FORCE "B", ETOUSA, underwater obstacles in the BERNIERES—COUHSEULLES beach area, obstacle ...etc. As far as I can see, all units taking part are mentioned. Many maps and detailed drawings. A list of maps is given (I am not sure these are all present in this documents, but many are):

    Map No, 1 - Static Troops in the Assault Area and Vicinity
    Map No, 2 - Enemy Strongpoints and Artillery Positions
    Map No, 3 - Artillery Arcs of Fire
    Map No, 4 - Antiaircraft Arcs of Fire
    Map No, 5 - Obstacles and Inundated Areas
    Map No, 6 - Mobile Divisions in the West
    Map No, 7 - Details of Roads

    To much to list here

    Download part 1 |21mb||  Download part 2 |30mb||  Download part 3 |24mb||  Download part 4 |20mb|| 

  • A 1943 allied intelligence document describing all kind of German fortifications. Bunkers, trip-wires, other obstacles and field works.

    Example text fragments:

    These are described in German documents as being about 3 ft. 3 ins. high and consisting of three reinforced concrete beams forming a tripod and connected at their apices by a concrete cap. Each tetrahedron is secured against overturning by a basal cross-piece (Grundplattenkreuz), the exact design of which is not known, and is secured in the ground by concrete piles. There are no reports of their use in occupied Western Europe.

    Download |45mb|| 

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